Olive Crest transforms the lives of at-risk children through the healing power of family. After nearly 45 years of caring for abused and neglected children, there is one thing that is crystal clear – the key to transforming the life of a child broken from abuse is the healing power of a strong family.

When hurt and abandoned children are surrounded and supported by a loving family and nurturing relationships, it’s amazing to see the dark cloud of fear, loneliness, distrust, and despair begin to lift, and to see promise, hope and light begin to take hold.

They begin to thrive and become the people God intended them to be, full of purpose, unique gifts, talents, and personalities. This is something that Dr. Donald and Mrs. Lois Verleur knew back in 1973 when they took in four young girls who needed a home.

About Dr. Donald and Mrs. Lois Verleur

After Dr. Donald and Lois Verleur provided a home for four teenage girls, they became inspired by the olive tree in the front yard, and the idea of a family crest. Olive Crest, a name symbolizing “peaceful family,” was born.

Today, more than 40 years later, Olive Crest has grown to become a leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse, serving nearly 3,000 children and families each day throughout California, Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest.

Though four decades have passed, the Verleurs’ original commitment to the individual needs of at-risk youth continues to fuel Olive Crest’s mission to make a difference “One Life at a Time.”®

We welcome you to partner with Olive Crest, to help break the cycle of child abuse, and enable at-risk children and families to become healthy, productive citizens.


A strong family for every child.


Olive Crest is dedicated to Preventing child abuse, to Treating and Educating at-risk children and to Preserving the family… “One Life at a Time.”®

Statement of Faith

Olive Crest seeks to make available the teachings of Judeo-Christian principles while respecting the religious background of each individual. We acknowledge the Bible to be the inspired Word of God that teaches there is one Triune God and that salvation is a gift gained through forgiveness.


Honesty, Courage, Respect

Exhibiting integrity through honesty. Showing the courage and respect to be truthful, even in difficult situations.


Compassion, Forgiveness, Empowerment

Feeling compassion toward those who are experiencing struggles and stress. Empowering others through forgiveness. Loving your neighbor and sharing God’s grace.


Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Giving

Demonstrating dedication, self-discipline, and responsibility in our commitment to serving at-risk children and families. Providing meaningful ways for others to give back to those in need.

Toyota of Huntington Beach donated $10,000 in toys and donations to Olive Crest.

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